Commercial Real Estate

Almost all Commercial property transactions will require legal advice due to their complex nature. Good, solid legal advice from the start of any negotiations can help to avoid disputes down the line, but should the unavoidable happen we can also help with commercial property dispute resolution.

Sale and Purchase of Commercial Property

Our specialist property department can help with both the purchase and sale of commercial property with a full commercial conveyancing service. We will investigate ownership and title to the property, carry out all necessary searches and help evaluate the suitability of a property for your intended use.

Commercial Property Leases

If you are looking into commercial leases, we can assist both landlords and tenants in a range of matters. We can negotiate lease agreements, assist with transferring a lease, subletting a lease, renewing a lease or surrendering a lease, and we can apply to alter the use of premises.

For commercial leases, we can help both commercial landlords and commercial tenants on a range of issues including negotiating lease agreements, assigning/transferring a lease, subletting, surrendering, lease renewal, and changing the use of the premises.

At MCG Law we cover all forms of commercial real estate:

  • Business premises
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Developments
  • Hotels
  • Environment planning
  • Investment
  • Industrial
  • Finance
  • Enfranchisement

We have an established reputation and provide a cost effective service always aiming for high standards and efficiency.

For further information please contact Peter Levi,  Simon Cohen or Sivan Gelb.