We promote a conciliatory and constructive approach with the objective of achieving a practical and fair solution to matrimonial and family disputes.

Whether you or a member of your family is anticipating a problem or is in the midst of an acrimonious break up it helps to talk the issues through with a sympathetic adviser who knows the legal implications of every issue. From pre-nuptial agreements through to a decree absolute we can help you with deciding the best course of action.

Our experience and non-judgemental approach mean that problems are resolved with the minimum distress. Whether the dispute concerns children, property or business interests, we can help you resolve the issues with the least damage to those concerned.

People who make money can be very good at hiding their assets. Sometimes children are used as a weapon against a parent or domestic violence can be a factor. Whatever the issue, however difficult, we are here to help.

For further information please contact David Rose or Jesicca Fay.